You want super-intelligent AI?

We live in a world where everything is not black or white. And let us suppose that AI can understand this. It can be shades of colors in human behavior, human actions, and inactions.

Let us suppose this AI will conclude what greed is and why humans turn greedy.


Five-Five Release notes

While I was doing quick GoDaddy Pro retrospective in one of their zoom meetups, I was asked to help WP Marketing team with same topic. Questions I got from the Marketing team, and I tried to help with answers and making some changes more clear for everyone. Plugin deployment When do I need to deploy…


What do you DO?

The question that made me think. What do I do? I’m a developer, agency co-owner, and a bunch of other fancy words that came to my mind.
No, no.. I mean, what do you DO?

At what moment we became our work? Is that the only thing we know? Does our work defines us in any way?