What do you DO?

Writing a blog wasn’t my thing, but considering we are living in the time of the pandemic, I decided it might be a good time as any to restart and try to make this my daily or weekly routine.

Being an introvert can sometimes have its perks. But being an introvert in the community where you can find hundreds or thousands of people can be scary as… well you got it, I believe.
One of these awkward moments was dispursed by a simple question that made me feel much less uncomfortable at that moment and taught me it is not that hard to talk with people.

What do you do?

The question that made me think. What do I do? I’m a developer, agency co-owner, and a bunch of other fancy words that came to my mind.
No, no.. I mean, what do you DO?

At what moment we became our work? Is that the only thing we know? Does our work defines us in any way? Does the company we work for defines our way of life or us as a person?

It was a group of 10-12 people, and we figured we have photographers, writers, chefs (just without a title), explorers.
That was what defined us. Everyone was there for one reason, but who we were wasn’t defined by our job title or company name on our business card. Things we do when we are not senior partners, sales managers, UX designers, testers, that is what makes us what we are.

People can relate on a different level, and they will suddenly become interested in what you have to say, as they never experienced that before.
Ten days walk into trails in Asia, spending weekend chasing for that perfect shot of Sun rising over mountain tops. Feeling the taste of wild herb mixes to make that perfect balance for your next culinary masterpiece.
Two hours of sharing a human story, not a business one, made this lunch unforgettable. And needless to say, 2 hours was way too short. It was a blink, and it was time to move on.

And all this was the result of just four simple words: “What do you do?”.
So next time when you find yourself in a group of people with who you are not so familiar, instead of asking them what they do, ask them what they DO!

Photo by Jordan Wozniak on Unsplash



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